nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Generic Level model


 Generic Level client model interface
 Generic Level server model interface

Data Structures

struct  generic_level_set_params_t
 Unpacked message structure typedefs are used for API interfaces and for implementing model code. More...
struct  generic_level_delta_set_params_t
 Message format for the generic_level Delta Set message. More...
struct  generic_level_move_set_params_t
 Message format for the generic_level Move Set message. More...
struct  generic_level_status_params_t
 Parameters for the generic_level Status message. More...


 Model Company ID.

Detailed Description

This model implements the message based interface required to set the Level value on the server. Server model itself is a stateless model. The state information resides in the user application.