nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Generic OnOff model


 Generic OnOff client model interface
 Generic OnOff server model interface

Data Structures

struct  generic_onoff_state_t
 Unpacked message structure typedefs are used for API interfaces and for implementing model code. More...
struct  generic_onoff_set_params_t
 Mandatory parameters for the Generic OnOff Set message. More...
struct  generic_onoff_status_params_t
 Parameters for the Generic OnOff Status message. More...


 Model Company ID.
#define GENERIC_ONOFF_MAX   (0x01)
 Maximum value of the onoff state, as defined in the Mesh Model Specification v1.0.

Detailed Description

This model implements the message based interface required to set the OnOff value on the server. Server model itself is a stateless model. The state information resides in the user application. This interface API takes care of validating the packet formats and field values. These APIs should be used in combination with necessary behavioral implementation to create a qualifiable model implementation.