nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Experimental Instaburst feature


 Instaburst definitions.
 Experimental Instaburst RX module
 Experimental Instaburst TX module


void instaburst_init (uint32_t lfclk_ppm, bearer_event_flag_callback_t packet_process_cb)
 Initializes the instaburst module and all its submodules. More...

Detailed Description

The experimental Instaburst feature implements a subset of the Bluetooth 5.0 feature "Advertising extensions" to achieve increased throughput for Mesh traffic. Instaburst is a Nordic proprietary feature, and the implementation does not aim to provide generic, spec-compliant Advertising Extension functionality, but rather provide proprietary means to increase Mesh throughput between Nordic devices.

Instaburst is a Nordic proprietary feature that does not adhere to the Bluetooth Mesh specification. It is currently in an experimental stage, and does not have the same requirements to test coverage, API stability or spec-compliance as the rest of the Nordic nRF5 SDK for Mesh.

Function Documentation

◆ instaburst_init()

void instaburst_init ( uint32_t  lfclk_ppm,
bearer_event_flag_callback_t  packet_process_cb 

Initializes the instaburst module and all its submodules.

[in]lfclk_ppmLow frequency clock accuracy in parts per million.
[in]packet_process_cbCallback to signal on every RX.