nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Packet manager configuration


 Set to 1 to enable debug mode for the packet manager. More...
 Size of the packet manager memory pool in bytes. More...
 Packet manager blame mode. More...

Detailed Description

These configuration parameters are only relevant when the mesh_mem_packet_mgr.c is used as the dynamic memory backend. The default is the mesh_mem_stdlib.c backend. Its memory pool size is directly controlled by the heap size.

Macro Definition Documentation



Set to 1 to enable debug mode for the packet manager.

In debug mode, the packet manager will print out a lot of information and this will cause the system to assert due to timeslot violation.

Definition at line 343 of file nrf_mesh_config_core.h.



Size of the packet manager memory pool in bytes.

The value of the memory pool cannot currently exceed the value of PACKET_MGR_PACKET_MAXLEN, due to the current design of the memory manager.

Definition at line 353 of file nrf_mesh_config_core.h.



Packet manager blame mode.

The blame mode adds an additional field to the packet header which records the last location a packet manager function was called from. This can be useful in some debugging scenarioes, such as when a bug is suspected of being caused by a reference counting error. It is not intended for regular use, so do not enable unless you are debugging the packet manager usage.

Definition at line 366 of file nrf_mesh_config_core.h.