nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Mesh PA/LNA interface


typedef ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t
 Configuration parameters for gpiote-based setup of PA/LNA. More...


uint32_t mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_enable (const mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t *p_params)
 Enables GPIOTE controlled PA/LNA triggering. More...
void mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_disable (void)
 Disables PA/LNA triggering. More...
const mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_tmesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_get (void)
 Retrieves the current PA/LNA parameters. More...

Detailed Description

Controls external PA/LNA support for the mesh radio operation.

The mesh PA/LNA module enables external power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers by setting user configured GPIO-pins during radio operation.

The PA/LNA is triggered some time before the radio operation starts, to allow the amplifiers to stabilize. The timing can be configured at compile time by changing MESH_PA_SETUP_TIME_US and MESH_LNA_SETUP_TIME_US. Note that the setup time cannot be longer than the radio rampup time (by default 40us on nRF52 and 140us on nRF51).

Typedef Documentation

◆ mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t

typedef ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t

Configuration parameters for gpiote-based setup of PA/LNA.

Identical to the Softdevice parameters.

Definition at line 62 of file mesh_pa_lna.h.

Function Documentation

◆ mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_enable()

uint32_t mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_enable ( const mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t p_params)

Enables GPIOTE controlled PA/LNA triggering.

Parameter requirements:

  • The PPI channels must not collide with the mesh timer channel range (8-11).
  • The PPI channels cannot be the same for set and clear.
  • The PPI channels must be valid for the given chip configuration.
  • The GPIOTE channel ID must be valid for the given chip configuration.
  • The GPIO pins must be valid for the given chip configuration.
[in]p_paramsConfiguration parameters.
Return values
NRF_SUCCESSThe GPIOTE controlled PA/LNA triggering was successfully enabled.
NRF_ERROR_NULLThe parameter pointer was NULL.
NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMSOne or more of the parameters broke the parameter requirements.

◆ mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_disable()

void mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_disable ( void  )

Disables PA/LNA triggering.

Immediately stops any running GPIO signal.

◆ mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_get()

const mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_t* mesh_pa_lna_gpiote_params_get ( void  )

Retrieves the current PA/LNA parameters.

The current PA/LNA parameters or NULL if disabled.