nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
RSSI monitor common


 RSSI monitor client model interface
 RSSI monitor server model interface
 RSSI monitor util model interface

Data Structures

struct  rssi_data_entry_t
 Packet format of the RSSI data entry sent from the server to the client. More...


#define RSSI_SERVER_MODEL_ID   0x0005
 Model ID for the RSSI Server model.
#define RSSI_CLIENT_MODEL_ID   0x0006
 Model ID for the RSSI Client model.
 This number should reflect the maximum number of nodes that possibly are in direct radio contact with the device.


enum  rssi_common_opcode_t { RSSI_OPCODE_RSSI_ACK = 0xC5, RSSI_OPCODE_SEND_RSSI_DATA = 0xC6 }
 RSSI model common opcode.

Detailed Description