nRF5 SDK for Mesh v3.2.0  08c60f6
Repository structure

The nRF5 SDK for Mesh repository is organized as follows:

  • bin contains prebuilt binaries of all examples.
  • doc contains the main documentation and configuration files for Doxygen generation.
  • examples contains example applications using the mesh stack and supporting modules.
  • external contains external dependencies used by the mesh stack and examples (mainly uECC, Segger RTT and the SoftDevice).
  • mesh contains the source code and unit tests for the mesh stack.
  • models contains the source code for various models.
  • scripts contains useful scripts, such as a parser and communication script for the serial interface provided by the mesh stack.
  • tools contains tools useful for development.
  • CMake contains CMake setup files and utility functions.

GitHub repository @anchor github-repo

The nRF5 SDK for Mesh GitHub repository contains all the files from the official release zip package. It is provided for reference only. Currently, there is no system in place for integrating fixes through the public GitHub mirror. For this reason, pull requests on GitHub are not accepted.

Markdown documentation files in GitHub are placed as close as possible to the code. This placement does not correspond to the structure of the nRF5 SDK for Mesh documentation website. However, the contents of the files and the documentation website are the same.